LNC Board

Welcome to LNC!

Our goal is to provide you with a fun and rewarding way to make new friends and become better integrated into our amazing communities of Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and New Rochelle. 

As you probably know, our community has so much to offer - friendly people, vibrant businesses and restaurants, opportunities for numerous outdoor ventures in beautiful settings, tons of activities for adults and children alike, and exemplary civic and nonprofit organizations serving our area. LNC coordinates loads of social and outreach events and drives each season, helping to introduce our members to these wonderful resources - and has been doing so since 1950!

LNC's Executive Board and Committee members are a bunch of dedicated and enthusiastic people who are committed to ensuring that our members have the best experience possible. We all know what it is like to move somewhere new, or enter a new phase of life, and need a little help - and fun! - to navigate the waters and get settled. 

The LNC volunteers work hard all year to plan events and outreach opportunties that are as diverse as our membership. We are really excited about all that we are offering this year!

Of course, we can't do this alone - you are a huge part of it! Active and engaged members make the organization more fun and rewarding for everyone. Come to our social events! Donate to our outreach drives! Participate in a playgroup! Sign up for our volunteer days! Join an LNC committee or special interest group! We promise you won't regret it. :)

We'e excited to launch our fresh, updated website to help you more easily navigate our many events, and quickly purchase tickets for those you can attend. You'll also now have access to our private Facebook forum, where you can ask for recommendations, post local tips, and interact with your fellow #LNCfamliy with the click of a button. 

We are always looking to improve, and love to hear your feedback. The Board is also here to answer any questions you might have about LNC, or the community at large. And if you're looking for ways to get more involved, please let us know. It's never too late, and we can always use an extra set of hands!

Looking forward to a great season!
The 2019/2020 LNC Board 

Board Members

President - Kerry Sheehan Tarr

Vice President - Carrie Durant

Secretary - Cathy Lee

Treasurer - Louisa Kerenska-Luu

Membership - Edwina Godec and Melissa Maur

Outreach - Laurie Knies and Purvi Shah

Men's Events - Derek Moore 

Social - Steph Romick-Piacenti, Jessica Fitzpatrick, Kelly Harnett, and Anne Wagstaff

Coffee Mornings - Dora Nolan and Diana Russell

Playgroups - Casey Holdych

Newsletter and Website - Chelsea Singer

Business Liaisons - Allie Carroll and Derek Moore

Social Media - Kate Gallagher

Special Interest Coordinator Allie Sommer Skolnik

Volunteer: We Want You!

We are always on the lookout for members who want to join our Social and Outreach Committees. If interested, please contact us at lncvolunteer@gmail.com.
Do you have a special skill that you would like to share with the Newcomers Club? Are you a photographer? A talented party planner? Or simply interested in shaping the future of the Club? We are looking for the next generation of volunteers!