LNC-sponsored Playgroups are a great way to build lasting relationships for your family, meet other parents, and are one of the LNC's most popular programs. Playgroups meet weekly from October to June in members’ homes or local parks. We offer both age-specific and mixed-age groups for families with multiple children of different ages.

    Participation in the LNC Playgroups

    • Is open to current LNC members only. Non-LNC members or past members do not fall within the Club’s insurance policy provisions.
    • Is for parents and their child(ren) only. No babysitters, au pairs, nannies or grandparents/relatives should act as a substitute as this is an opportunity for parents and their children to socialize with other newcomers.
    • ALL Playgroups organized by LNC must be comprised of LNC members only. Nonmembers are not allowed to participate in LNC-sponsored Playgroups for insurance reasons.

    Group Size and Meeting Frequency

    • Playgroups start with 8-10 children per group. However, the group size may change over the course of the year based on families' availability and new members joining LNC. Typically not every family can make it to each meet up, so having a larger group means you're more likely to have other families available to meet each week. 
    • Playgroups meet weekly, by rotation, from October to June in members' homes, local parks, or wherever you choose. Both weekday and weekend times are available. 
    • If at a member's home, the host might consider, but is not required to, providing light refreshments. Please be sure to check for any allergies amongst Playgroup members, and avoid potentially hazardous foods and hot beverages.
    • If you plan on regularly bringing a sibling not assigned to your Playgroup, you should sign up for a Mixed-Age group.  

    Parental responsibilities include

    • Being responsible for their own child's conduct and safety
    • Not bringing sick children to the Playgroup
    • Cleaning up after their child
    • Informing the host if unable to attend Playgroup

    Types of Playgroups

    • Age-specific groups. In these groups, we aim for an age difference of less than 1 year between the youngest and oldest Playgroup members, depending on availability.
    • Mixed-age groups. These groups are organized primarily so that siblings of different ages may attend one Playgroup.

    Playgroup Leaders

    • Based on feedback from the most successful Playgroups, we suggest each group nominate a leader. The leader is responsible for coordinating their group as well as communicating with the Playgroups Coordinator. Please let the Playgroups Coordinator know once you have chosen a leader. 
    • Group leaders should help their group decide the exact time they will be meeting. Playgroups typically run for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

    The Initial playgroup application period for the 2019 /2020 season has closed, but don't worry - if you haven't yet joined a playgroup and would like to, you can still fill in the form below and you'll be added to an existing playgroup. If there isn't an existing playgroup that fits your schedule / child age range, we will reach out to discuss what the available options are. If you have questions please email