The 2023-2024 playgroup signup is now open!

Please read the information below and then sign up using this link!

LNC's playgroups are a great way to spend time with your kids while connecting with other local parents! Typically, groups meet weekly from October to June in members’ homes, local parks, or other fun locales chosen by your playgroup. 

LNC playgroups are offered on both weekdays and weekends. Children are placed in age-specific groups. LNC also has groups with multiple ages so that siblings of different ages may attend one group. 

    Participation in the LNC Playgroups

    • Is open to current LNC members only. Non-LNC members or past members do not fall within the Club’s insurance policy provisions.
    • Is for parents and their child(ren) only. No babysitters, au pairs, nannies or grandparents/relatives should act as a substitute as this is an opportunity for parents and their children to socialize with other newcomers.

    Group Size and Meeting Frequency

    • Playgroups usually start with 8-10 children per group. However, the group size may change over the course of the year based on families' availability and new members joining LNC. Typically not every family can make it to each meet up, so having a larger group means you're more likely to have other families available to meet each week. 
    • Playgroups typically meet weekly, by rotation, from October to June in members' homes, local parks, or wherever you choose. Both weekday and weekend groups are available.
    • Each group will determine its preferred meeting time and location.  You can meet wherever works best for the group, such as rotating members’ backyards or local playgrounds.  See the bottom of this page for a list of favorite spots from prior groups to give you some ideas.

      • It’s helpful if each member of the group rotates “hosting” every week - meaning one person is in charge of selecting a location to meet (you don’t have to host at your house unless you want to) and communicating with the group about the location / time.  Typically groups meet at the same day/time each week to keep it simple.
      • If at a member's home, the host might consider, but is not required to, provide light refreshments. Please be sure to check for any allergies among Playgroup members, and avoid potentially hazardous foods and hot beverages.
    • If you plan on regularly bringing a sibling not assigned to your Playgroup, you should sign up for a Mixed-Age group.  

    Parental responsibilities include

    • Being responsible for their own child's conduct and safety
    • Not bringing sick children to the Playgroup
    • Cleaning up after their child
    • Informing the host if unable to attend Playgroup

      Playgroup Captains

      • Based on feedback from the most successful Playgroups, we suggest each group nominate a captain. The captain is responsible for coordinating their group as well as communicating with the Playgroups Coordinator. Please let the Playgroups Coordinator know once you have chosen a captain. 
      • Captains should help the group decide on the exact time they will be meeting. Playgroups typically run for 90 minutes to 2 hours.


      Meeting Place Ideas:

      • Playgrounds (Turtle Park, Flint Park, Pinebrook Park, Memorial Park, Florence Park)

      • Eateries with outdoor dining

      • Local Play places (Pop In and Play, Tig and Peach, We Rock the Spectrum)
      • Rye Nature Center, Sheldrake

      • Backyards