Men’s Basketball

The Larchmont Newcomers’ Club Men’s Basketball program is a great way for our male members to get together for a night of competitive basketball.

This group meets on every Tuesday evenings, 9:00-11:00 pm, from September through June at the Hommocks School in Larchmont. There is a separate fee for basketball, which covers the facility costs and additional liability insurance required.

About the Larchmont Newcomer’s Club Basketball game:
– Our Liability Policy requires that every player be at least 25 year of age. Currently our players range in age from early 30’s to late 50’s
– Date: Every Tuesday (…with one or two minor exceptions)
– Time: 9:15pm – 11:15pm at Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck during the school year
– Places: Gymnasium, Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck; Beginning of Sept thru’ mid-June (…unless the school is closed or the gym is otherwise unavailable)
– The gym has 6 not-quite-full-sized courts
– Typically, we play as many 4-on-4 games as have players for (courts are not really big enough for 5-on-5)
– It’s first come first served – the first 8 people arriving in the gym will choose up teams for the first 4-on-4 game, next 8 for the next game etc.; first team to 11 points, win – by – 2; winning team stays on Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Mill Rd, New Rochelle; End of June thru’ end-August
– The gym has one full-size court with glass backboards (or 2 three-quarter courts across the gym).
– Depending on the number of people who show up, we either play one 5-on-5 game on the fullsize court substituting throughout the game, or play two 4-on-4 games; first team to 11 points, win – by – 2; winning team stays on.
– Please bring a basketball if you have one

Basketball Dues $205 Annually.  The Dues are used to cover the costs of the basketball courts and for our Sports Liability Insurance Policy. After January 10th, membership cost is $105 for the second half of the season!


In order to participate in the basketball game, you must be/become a member of the Larchmont Newcomer’s Club AND you must pay basketball dues.
Larchmont Newcomer’s Club must be renewed annually. As an activity of the Larchmont Newcomer’s Club, this Basketball game is only open to club
members whose ANNUAL membership is current.

Pay Dues Here!

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