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Are you new to the Sound Shore area? Or have you been here awhile but are still looking to meet new friends and attend some fun local events? We’re here to make the introductions and ease your transition.

For over 50 years, we’ve been welcoming residents to the Sound Shore by providing an array of social events that get you out and into the community so you can have rewarding experiences while meeting new people.

While LNC is a very family-friendly group—organized playgroups and tot cupcake picnics abound—we offer plenty of adult-only opportunities for fun. Join us for book clubs, basketball groups, girls’ and guys’ nights, spa events and parties celebrating everything from Oktoberfest to Valentine’s Day. Have another passion you’d like to explore? We also encourage members to start new special interest groups, so you can connect with like-minded locals. Joining one of LNC’s committees is another terrific way to stay connected to the community.

LNC is a not-for-profit social club; membership dues cover all of our operating costs (website, insurance, post office box, etc.) and help subsidize ticket fees. All LNC board members are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their work. The Larchmont Newcomers’ Club is not associated with any religious group or any other group.

welcome :)
On behalf of the Executive Board and our many hardworking Committee members, welcome to the Larchmont Newcomers’ Club!
Whether you’re a brand-new member or have been with us for several years, we’re so pleased you’re here.
Larchmont, Mamaroneck and New Rochelle are special towns, filled with interesting and friendly people, unique local businesses and fantastic civic organizations. LNC is here to help you navigate your new home and make long-lasting friendships—and we’ve had a lot of practice doing just that…our club has been in existence since 1951! Just ask your neighbors. Many of them will tell you that they met some of their closest friends through LNC when they first moved to the area.
Please spend some time browsing our newly-designed website, and don’t forget to “like” LNC on Facebook. And please do let us know if you’d like to volunteer for one of our many committees or have ideas that you’d like to share–we appreciate new perspectives, and it’s never too late to get involved.
See you soon, Colleen Van Valen Braid
LNC President, 2016-2017

pay it forward :)

Every Larchmont Newcomers’ Club Executive Board and Committee member is a volunteer, and we can always use another hand! Consider taking on a Committee position or just leading one activity; it’s a great way to give back and meet more people. Whether you’re ready to take on a major role or just want to help out for an hour, please let us know.

Colleen Van-
Valen Braid


Brendan Murphy

Finance Chair

Lizzie Morters &
Kristen Vasquez

Membership Co-Chairs

Livia Berardinelli

Communications Chair

Heidi Helfst &
Emmy Lambert

Social Co-Chairs

Maud McClay &
Audrey Smith

Community Outreach

Rebecca Halperin

Playgroups Chair

Laura DiLorenzo Page

Secretary Chair

Derek Moore

Guys Chair

Social Committee: Amy Smith, Audrey Smith, Brit Foster Rothstein, Erica Mills, Fran Smith, Jennifer Taubenfeld, Joanna Roses, Karen Marino, Kristen Vasquez, Laura Dupuis, Lizzie Morters, Lucy Gottelier, Maria Rust, Meegan Colgan, Megan Brausa, Meredith Shaw, Rosemarie Timmermann, Sara Kaye, Sara Marnell, Sharmeen Baten Dossani, Smita Peri, Suzanne Sellecchia, Tracy Ferrara

Community Outreach Committee: Ananda Obadiah, Alison Perisic, Becky Marlis, Corey Cook, Caroline Jaram, Dana Ziogas, Dianna Aprile, Dana Post, Elizabeth Thirion-Mackler, Ellen Zarchin, Hillary Collins, Ira Handa, Jenna Autuori, Jennifer Furioli, Jennifer Schidlow, Jessica Veith, Jane Goodrich, Jenna Autuori, Justine Palumbo, Leah Dillon, Lisa Tansley-Jervis, Maria Padova, Mylene Charton, Mary Mick, Maud McClay, Nathalene Gatinel, Nedjma Belaid, Sara Kaye, Serena Scott-Ram, Ulrike Heregger


Want to join the social or outreach committee?
Do you have a special skill that you would like to share with the Newcomers’ Club? Are you a photographer? A website guru? A public relations expert? Or simply interested in shaping the future of the Club? Do you have a friend who would be “just perfect” for a particular committee? We are looking for the next generation of volunteers!
VOLUNTEER. We want you! Please direct any questions to Colleen Van Valen Braid, President, at

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